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The hand that Lee greatly strengthens a loose, the red wine bottle is been happy by to rend away.He is like a piece of wood by the side of the table, the station's view transfers with that running about of men and women.
"It is greatly strong.Go up to ask.It probably is a misunderstanding."Yang Le in a soft voice says.Although 2 people the Dou don't stop all day long, but the relation is very good.
Lee greatly strengthens a corner of mouth to have muscular spasms, the body also slightly trembles, eyes such as dead the fish generally stare at a Wei clearly, be like basically have never heard the words of joy are similar.
Wei clearly always at and nearby the man small voice say words.Walk to hall the center just the detection be stood where die to stare at her to see Lee greatly strong.Sit at the same table ground to still have her understanding ground the autumn Yang Le of leaf wait a person.Is just those beautiful to let people stunningly woman but incognizant.
Wei clearly the facial expression greatly change.The first reaction is nearby loose to open man ground arm.But after wanting.Still hugged nearby that outlooking not and handsomely man to walk to come over to the this place.Since have been already discovered.Need to be calm to face.
This matter son always has to have a result ground.
"What a coincidence.You also have a meal here."The Wei is clearly active to say "hello" with table ground a group of people.The facial expression is cool.The little bit didn't make a mistake a ground of awakening.
The nobody should answer.Everybody is worried that the ground looking at Lee to greatly strengthens a ground of reaction.
Lee is greatly strong be like suddenly wake up generally.Hold tight a Wei clearly hand to go toward to outside run.Follow a Wei clearly a cake of to come in a ground of men to want to impede.But be enjoyed by a hold tight.Treat to plane oneself brothers corner of wall ground guy Yang Le is a nothing important good will ground.But see a Wei clearly respond.The affair seems to combine not too and in brief.
Yang Le Qiang endures to want savage impulse to him and press he greatly strengthened to just once sit at Lee of position, say:"Let them discuss."
"Who are you ?"The man vigilance ground looking at joy and leaf the autumn ask a way.
"We are Lee to greatly strengthen a ground of friend."Yang Le gets angry with ground to say."You can't not know that Lee is greatly strong is who?"
The man is getting more silent, obviously, he knows that Lee is greatly strong to is who.
"You and clearly know how long?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to ask a way.
"Half year.We are a class."Man in plain terms answer way.
"You and she is what relate to?"
The man is silent for a while, say:"I have been aming pursuing her, just recently just a little bit some progresses."
The autumn of the leaf saw one eye Yang Le, inquire his Lee greatly strong whether clearly once fought with Wei recently, Yang Le shakes head.Signal hint to have no matter son like this.
Lee greatly strengthens to pull a Wei clearly a burst of run about wildly, he acquaints with to the place out of the school, put out strength son ground toward school in run.Don't know to proceed from what mental state.Lee is greatly strong have been clearly pulling the Wei to shallow water lake center of that arbor inside.There is the location of their the very first date.
Lee greatly strengthens big ground of a people to breathe heavily spirit, the Wei clearly doesn't arrive as well where go, the facial expression Fei is red, on the forehead all 1 F close sweat bead.
"Who is he ?"Ask these three words, Lee is greatly strong be like drive to stopped a chest, pressed ground, he breathed heavily however annoy.
"It is greatly strong.I once told you."Clearly the Wei's body leans on cool hall ground stone post up, look in the eyes obstinately and leaf autumn to see.
"Have ever told me?When?"Lee is greatly strong astounded.Today to while making a phone call she also thoroughly, has she ever when once told she?
"Everyday.I am telling you every day.Is greatly strong, are you still not understand?We isn't suitable for."Clearly the Wei's facial expression takes to sorry and ashamedly say."I know that you are very good to me.It is very good.But, because so, we just isn't suitable for."
"Seek to so lousily lend to beat hair me?I not intelligent, but also not is a simpleton?"Lee greatly strengthened Leng Leng, laugh at to say.
The Wei clearly and slightly shakes head.Say:"It is greatly strong.What did you want this half year to do to you?We are in love of this how many months inside, what did you do?"
This sentence stabbed to win Lee to greatly strengthen a ground of soft Lei just.Indignantly roar a way:"What did I do?I make a phone call for you every day and accompany you to have a meal to accompany you to go to library every day and round every day you turn, what can I make?What do I still need to do?"

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